We understand the unique needs of startups and have first-hand experience in what it takes to make them grow.

[apress_gradient_icon_box description=”We take care of your bookkeeping from start to finish so you can focus 100% on making your business succeed.” highlight_border_width=”3″ box_bottom_padding=”110″ icon_family=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”far fa-dot-circle” style=”iconbox_style8″ title_font_options=”tag:h2″]Focus on Your core business[/apress_gradient_icon_box]
[apress_gradient_icon_box description=”Skip the work of categorizing your transactions while benefiting from accurate, real-time books every day.” highlight_border_width=”3″ box_bottom_padding=”130″ icon_family=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-check-circle” style=”iconbox_style8″ title_font_options=”tag:h2″]Accuracy & Real-Time data[/apress_gradient_icon_box]
[apress_gradient_icon_box description=”We have customers who’ve been with us from seed to series C. Because we learn your business over time, we’re well suited to advise on how to deal with market Dynamics, expenses, invoices, purchase orders, or any new surprises that come up as your business scales.” highlight_border_width=”3″ icon_family=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-handshake” style=”iconbox_style8″ title_font_options=”tag:h2″]Reliable  Partner[/apress_gradient_icon_box]


Smart Liquidity Structures Africa Ltd, is an innovative platform that is primarily focused on SME’s life journey especially through the “valley of death” syndrome. SLS Africa Ltd was started in 2017, two years in operations as a private Limited company by three founders who have spent over 25 years solving various challenges in financial services, public sector, manufacturing, utilities and telco’s across Africa.



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