While we’re wildly enthusiastic about creating new and innovative softwares, we’re equally excited about enabling and encouraging our associates. Aside from software, we give you the direction, support, and resources to help your business or organization and its clients succeed and flourish.
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SLS Africa Accounting Partner Program is for CPAs, accountants, or bookkeeping firms that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional bookkeeping services to their clients. With Automated Bookkeeping platform, you can offload the day-to-day bookkeeping and data entry, allowing you to focus on higher level client advisory services.

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Our financial institution Program is for Banks, Business owners, Consultants, or Mentors who want to transform the way their clients run their back office — and get paid for it! You already have a network, reach, and eye for professionalism. Now you can refer a product you can stand by. No gimmicks. No crazy waiting periods.

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This is for incubators, accelerators, and VCs working with companies that are trying to scale and grow. Give your members and clients special access to the tools they need to keep the businesses running, as well as early stage consulting and training at a startup-friendly price.