Taking Charge: Women’s Executive Leadership Program

Taking Charge is a 5-day intensive leadership experience for mid – to – senior-level female managers looking to gain the executive presence and capabilities necessary to lead at the executive level. The program includes a 360° leadership assessment, executive coaching, and interactive classes focused on critical skills including effective negotiation, communication, and change management.


Critical Topics, Active Learning, At a Pace That Works


  • This dynamic program focuses on critical knowledge and skills that empower effective, impactful leaders. This includes:
    • Gaining insight into individual leadership strengths and developmental opportunities via a 360° leadership assessment
    • Understanding the unique challenges of women in leadership and strategies for advancement
    • Strengthening communications skills for improved effectiveness with internal and external constituents
    • Building knowledge on strategic leadership and change management
    • Executive coaching focused on engaging and leading teams
    • Learning to build a business network for the long term
  • Interactive classes are led by faculty members who are ongoing practitioners in their areas of expertise.
  • Taking Charge is offered over the course of three months enabling participants to incorporate new ü skills into their current roles.


A Program for Mid-to-Senior Level Women


  • In a significant management role, demonstrating career progression
  • Designated to assume increased responsibilities or transitioning between functional groups
  • Desire enhanced presence and confidence for the next career stage


Program Topics and Structure

360° Leadership Assessment


Women in Leadership Leading Through Change
– What’s in the water
– Leadership and you
– Leadership styles
– Management versus leadership
– What role does gender play?
– Simulation exercise
– Managing and promoting change
– Engaging followers and stakeholders
– Measuring and communicating results


The Power of Communication Executive Coaching – Leading Teams
– Negotiating well – types and styles
– Advocacy
– Interests versus positions
– Power negotiation
– Ethical standards
– Difficult conversations
– Small group sessions with professional coaches
– Team dynamics exercise with feedback
– How do you coach your people
– Leader as coach: how to coach your people


Strategic Leadership Women on Boards
– Why strategic thinking is important
– Characteristics of strong strategic leaders
– Levels of strategic thinking / leadership
– Challenges to strategic leading and mitigations
– Corporate versus nonprofit boards
– Expectations and responsibilities of board members
– Board compensation
– Essential strategies to seeking board position


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